Choose your favorite pilot!

360° map!

An almost fully traversable map where you can attack or hide from other players.
Feel the unique experience of riding a Scuttlebot on the floor and ceiling
in exciting battles.

tournament atmosphere!

Feel the ridiculous tournament atmosphere while the audience cheer you on!
Can you beat the other players to be the hero of the whole ingame universe?



Jonathan Richard Ravenhill

Game Engineer

Marcel Usslar

Game Engineer

Pablo Steinbach

Game Design

Sebastian Sickert

Level Design

Christoph Heinrich

Level Design

Maik Randowski

System Design

Beverly Legierski

3D Art

Kai De Luca

3D Art

Georg Nimke

Concept Art

Noah Carev

Concept Art

Marie Hoh


Kevin Nohr-Hipel


Conor Bradley

Sounds & Music